Injury Management

Case Conferencing

Case conferences are arranged to engage relevant stakeholders in the return to work process for your injured employees.

What does it do? allows key parties including claimant, NTD, agent and rehabilitation provider to set mutually agreed goals and where agreed strategies are committed to and can be measured
What does it involve? Claimant, NTD, Agent, Provider in a case conference at the NTD rooms
What problems does it solve? ensure roles and responsibilities are understood;
Benefits to customers? Reduce the duration of the claim

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is a structured, goal oriented, individualised exercise program designed to maximise an injured worker’s capacity to successfully return to work.

It focuses on improving the injured worker’s tolerance and endurance for physical activities and the ability to safely complete the demands of their job.

Assisting workers to resume normal activities as soon as they are considered medically stable, even in the presence of pain, will assist to alleviate the effects of physical deconditioning and improve return to work outcomes.

Our ultimate aim is to get your employee back to work without aggravating their original injury.

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