Claim Management

Utilising our knowledge of the workers compensation system & working together with your injured employee, we look for mutually achievable goals. This allows the employee to get back to their normal quality of life, with the right treatment & medical advice along with an earlier return to work outcome, provides a win/win for employee & employer.

Proactive management of workplace injuries helps to achieve an early, safe return to work and keeps your claims costs down.

We have extensive experience in injury management and return to work (RTW). Our expert consultants can assist the injury management function for you on a day-to-day basis, provide advice on individual claims or help you establish injury management procedures.

Depending on the legislative and system requirements of your state, our services can include:

  • establishing and maintaining communication with the injured worker, the doctor, the insurer and other service providers
  • monitoring suitable duties plans, RTW plans and management of current medical certificates
  • screening and triage of claims/incidents to ensure early intervention

Claim Reviews

Our claims reviews are designed to assist improved claims management and reduce the duration, and therefore, the overall impact of claims.

We will undertake a thorough analysis of individual claim files and provide targeted strategies to improve return-to-work outcomes and reduce the direct and indirect cost of those claims.

A comprehensive review of claims across your entire claim portfolio can provide you with estimates of claim durations and costs to assist in the workers compensation planning and budgeting process.

Wage Reimbursement Coordination

There are many sections of legislation where your employees are covered for wage reimbursement, with varying wage rates.

We ensure your entitlement is submitted for reimbursement at the correct rate of pay and in a timely manner.

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